PCA’s high school is large enough to provide the programs and offer the facilities of a larger high school, yet small enough to know every student and help each one be as successful as they desire to be. Because 98% of PCA graduates move to higher education after graduation, senior high school programs are geared toward college-readiness. Using a rich and balanced curriculum, we go beyond basic skills to help students think, read critically, listen carefully, evaluate competing claims, weigh evidence, and come to thoughtful judgment. Learning focuses on individualism and creativity, teaching students how to think and ways to seek answers to new questions.

From mission trips and local service projects where students are encouraged to grow spiritually, to strong academic classes, to drama, choir, band, speech and debate or photography, PCA’s senior high school provides excellence. A competitive athletic program rounds out a school where students are inspired to excellence. Students are challenged and rewarded in a variety of areas. Each year, seniors are accepted at prestigious colleges and universities in the nation with academic scholarships.

For more information, download and review the latest Course Selection Catalog. With numerous honors, Advanced Placement and dual enrollment classes available, PCA graduates often enter universities with a number of college credits already earned. The faculty is committed to the ministry of training future Christian servant-leaders. Whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, or in fine arts, PCA students are consistently challenged to strive for excellence.