PCA believes that innovative students who are well prepared for their future do not come from learning environments that force students to memorize correct answers on standardized tests or reward students who excel at regurgitating spoon-fed knowledge. In Junior High School, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own education as their dependence on parents for school success lessens.

PCA’s junior high school is geared to assure success in high school and toward life-preparedness, including college readiness if desired. Teachers with a passion for young people use a rich and balanced curriculum to continue moving students beyond basic skills to help them think, read critically, listen carefully, evaluate competing claims, weigh evidence, and come to thoughtful judgment, teaching students how to think and ways to seek answers to new questions.

From mission trips and local service projects where students are encouraged to grow spiritually, to strong academic classes, to drama, choir, band or speech and debate, the junior high provides excellence. A competitive athletic program rounds out a school where students are inspired to excellence. Students are challenged and rewarded in a variety of areas and are eager and ready to approach the challenges of senior high school.

PCA works to help students become good citizens by teaching them the rights and responsibilities of citizens. We teach the ability to discuss and deliberate issues, to choose leaders, to take an active role in the community, and to participate in civic affairs. We endow every student with the intellectual and ethical power to pursue his or her own interests and to develop the judgment and character needed in society.