Prattville Christian Academy’s choral program is focused on teaching students to understand and appreciate music. It teaches discipline, working together, and the value of the fine arts. In keeping with PCA’s mission of glorifying God by inspiring students to develop and grow their unique talents, choir is a safe place where students can experience the joy of music. PCA’s faculty members teach music beginning in the elementary school and spiraling upward to high school students.

In PCA’s general music curriculum for young children, they learn to sing, play instruments such as tambourines and drums, and begin preparing for singing in parts. All Elementary students have an opportunity to participate in plays, assemblies, chapels, and other special events.  Music plays a crucial role in their early school years to develop higher order thinking, problem-solving skills, social interactivity, coordination, and listening skills.  All of this is implemented in our elementary general music program.

The Upper School Chorus provides students with ensemble experience in vocal production techniques and part singing for mixed voices. Emphasis is placed on musical notation and theory, the rehearsal and performance of quality literature, and the development of musical literacy through sight singing instruction. Development in all skills and concepts necessary for continued growth in vocal performance is required. Activities may include concerts, festivals, competitions, and other performances. Participation is required in both the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert.

The purpose of this course is to glorify God, while becoming better musicians, through a holistic choral and biblical experience.  The institution of biblical studies into the choral program beginning in the Fall of 2018 allows an extension in character for members that will enhance their relationship with their Creator through study and praise. This will be accomplished by performing a wide variety of choral literature, study of sacred and modern worship music, the understanding of music and the theory behind it, dedicated biblical study both inside and outside of the classroom, and character development through outside service and performance in the public community.