An Open Letter to PCA’s Class of 2020

Congratulations, Prattville Christian Academy Class of 2020.

In honor of this year’s graduating class, PCA’s Journalism Club enlisted the help of some special guest writers to share their wisdom and retrospective thoughts with seniors having been in their shoes not so very long ago. Despite the circumstances surrounding this year’s graduating class, the experiences, memories, and socially-distanced activities will be remembered for a lifetime.

“Congratulations! You did it! High school is over! Coming from someone who genuinely enjoyed their high school experience, I had mixed feelings about graduating.” Click here to read more from Taylor Barnes.

Taylor Barnes
PCA Class of 2018

“Since leaving high school, I have learned that there is a very different life waiting for us all outside the walls of PCA, and that’s a good thing.” Click here to read more from Amber Gay.

Amber Gay
PCA Class of 2019

“This is weird. It’s weird that I’m old enough to be writing to high school seniors, it’s weird that I was in your shoes only a year ago, and it’s weird I’m writing this from my living room instead of my dorm room. Things are weird.” Click here to read more from Lydia Brackins.  

Lydia Brackins
PCA Class of 2019

Well done, seniors! Enjoy your moment. Make your mark. 

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