When used properly and in a controlled environment, technology enhances the learning process by providing access to nearly unlimited educational content as well as helping students learn and practice the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. PCA’s T.E.K. (Technology Enhancing Knowledge) Program reflects that philosophy. The TEK Team provides ongoing training and support for all information and instructional technology at Prattville Christian Academy.

PCA provides campus-wide, wireless network access, high-speed Internet as well as content filtering for all students.  All students in grades K3-5 has access to both classroom and cart based iPads and/or MacBook computers. Students in grades 6-7 are issued an iPad while students in grades 8-12 are issued a ChromeBook.  Each student in grades 6-12 has access to a personal Google Apps for Education account, which provides a robust set of communication and productivity tools managed by PCA.

Technology Forms