Prattville Christian Academy believes that technology is crucial in preparing all students for life. Technology enables students to learn far beyond the pages of a book or even the walls of a classroom. When authentically integrated, technology becomes an invisible but key part of the learning process as students engage in self-discovery and creation of new knowledge; this allows for the learning process to be personal and meaningful and it makes the experience fun.

Homeland Security Website
Students chose a disaster or emergency that we face in the U.S. and researched the science behind it and how others can prepare for it.

Caroline Schumpert – Cyber Attacks

Dustbowl Glogster 
Students created a digital interactive poster about The Dust Bowl

Chelsea Muliner – The Dust Bowl

iWitness Video Challenge
Students were challenged to find an issue in the community that they were passionate about impacting in a positive way. They documented their impact through a video of the process.

Maddie Jeffrey, Jamie Johnson, and Alyssa Birchmeier – iWitness – Animal Shelter