Speech and Debate is one of many extracurricular activities that students in grades 8-12 can choose to be involved in at Prattville Christian Academy. While the PCA chapter of the National Forensic League Honor Society has only been established since 2012, this academically challenging program has experienced tremendous growth and great success in competitions.

Students who participate in Speech and Debate learn professionalism and the art of communication and are introduced to basic researching, argumentation, questioning, and rebuttal skills through a variety and range of debate disciplines. The Congressional Debate event is modeled after the United States Congressional process; students pretend to be representatives and senators debating bills modeled after current events in congress. The Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas Debate events are where two participants and/or teams have a pre-assigned topic where one takes the affirmative side of the topic and the other takes the negative or opposing viewpoint. In addition to these events, students begin to analyze pieces of literature, create and deliver orations, write arguments, and evaluate performances.

PCA’s Speech and Debate Team compete in tournaments where students have the opportunity to present and defend cases as well as present their speeches and literature interpretations. With each tournament, students earn points toward their rank in the National Forensic League Honor Society.

For more information about PCA’s Speech and Debate program, please contact Stephanie Beers.