Tuesday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

PCA’s Library is more than just shelves of books; it is a place for students to explore their interests and learn about themselves. The library is the hub for all things reading and technology at PCA. Below are a few of the programs offered in the library.

“Books for Breakfast” Book Club
PCA’s Book Club events encourage students in grades 2-8 to read with a special breakfast event held each month to discuss the book they’ve read among friends and fellow classmates. The books are selected by the librarian based on reading levels. Each Book Club meeting attracts 35-40 students and is broken down according to grades: 2-3, 4-5 and 6-8.

Accelerated Reader Program
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a researched reading program designed to help elementary students improve their reading skills. Individual and class goals are set to encourage young readers as well as special library prizes.

Therapy Dog Visits
A certified therapy dog visits elementary students in the library, once a week, for a special reading time. Students are able to practice their reading skills by reading to the dog as well as petting and interacting with him.

Book Fairs
Two book fairs are held per school year as a fundraiser for the library – one in the fall semester and another in the spring semester. Students of all ages are encouraged to shop for favorite books, puzzles and prizes.

Librarian Lesson Plan
Students in grades K3-5 visit the library once a week as an auxiliary class. The librarian prepares an interactive lesson plan for each library period. The primary goal is to engage students in the fun of reading. Students never know what they’ll find from week to week; the librarian has been known to dress up like characters, use interactive props, and have students participate in acting out the story.

Middle School Learning Lab (MSLL)
PCA’s library also serves as the school’s media center. Under the direction of Mrs. McCawley, students in grades 6-7 dedicate one class period each week to learn keyboard skills, digital citizenship, portfolio building, website creation, and internet safety. Visit the Technology in Action page to see previous projects.

In addition to these activities, PCA’s library celebrates the 100th Day of School and Read Across America Week (Dr. Seuss Week) with festive decorations, interactive games and character visits. Budding authors are also encouraged to publish their work! The library is home to a few, very special books written by PCA students.

Mylee Bee Doesn’t Wanna Bee
Mylee Kervin

The Birthday Unicorn
Gillian Elizabeth Sabir