Chromebooks will be issued to all students in grades 6-9 during the first week of school. Parents are not required to be present when devices are issued; however, each of the following must apply in order for your child to receive their device. PCA distributes an 11-inch (or 11.6 inch- same device) Lenovo N22 or an Asus Chromebook C202SA-YS02 11.6 inch device.

  • The Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) in the PCA Parent/Student Handbook should be read. Your signature of the Parent/Student Handbook acknowledges your agreement and acceptance of this policy.
  • The Assumption of Device Responsibility Contract (ADRC) must be signed and physically turned in at time the student receives their device.
  • An appropriate case for protecting your device must be present upon receipt of the device. No device will be issued to any student without the recommended case being present.
  • For returning students, all issues and fees from the use of last year’s device must have been taken care of upon the receipt of this year’s device.

Chromebook Protective Case Criteria 

In lieu of mandating backpacks that accommodate the devices, we are only mandating cases. Students may carry any backpack of their choosing. The case must “snap on.” It cannot be able to slip off in a backpack or during normal use. Every student must have a case on his or her device at all times. The PCA T.E.K. Team and teachers will conduct random checks and consequences will be given to those students without a case on their computer.

Case Examples

Belkin Air Shield Case – Lenovo

iPearl Case – Asus

For questions or concerns, please contact Brigitte McCawley or Laura Ann Scott at 334.285.0077.