PCA’s Engineering Academy Capstone Presentation

Transporting heavy coolers, lawn chairs, and other recreational supplies across sand, grass, and gravel is a cumbersome challenge in which we all can relate. But what if there was an affordable motorized cart capable of carrying these supplies that could travel on various types of terrains?

PCA seniors Tyler Allen, John Beatty, Connor Coiro, and Trent Jorgensen spent their senior year conceptualizing, designing and building such a device in the Engineering Design and Development (EDD) course. EDD is a capstone program that allows students to build upon the knowledge and skills they’ve learned throughout their four years in PCA’s Engineering Academy.

As the final assignment of their high school career, Allen, Beatty, Coiro, and Jorgensen presented a finished prototype that they have developed during the spring semester to a group of students, faculty and staff, administrators, board and community members. Among the guests was Mac Scott, a mechanical engineer with International Paper. International Paper has been an avid supporter of PCA’s Engineering Academy since its inception nearly five years ago.

“What these gentlemen produced in just a few months is truly impressive,” said Scott. “Their experience is on par with what I completed as a senior engineering student in college. They followed the same fundamental engineering and design process that I use every day as a mechanical engineer in industry. PCA’s Engineering Academy is doing a fantastic job of immersing students in the STEM field, and International Paper is proud to support those efforts.”

Allen, Beatty, Coiro, and Jorgensen are all pursuing engineering at the collegiate level. Jorgensen, Allen, and Beatty will attend Auburn University, and Coiro will attend Auburn University Montgomery this fall. The students earned multiple scholarships based on their academics and interest in mechanical, aerospace and industrial systems engineering.

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