Coach Holt Named PACC’s 2018 Educator of the Character

Coach Robert Holt was named the 2018 Educator of the Character by the Prattville-Autauga Character Coalition at the 9th annual Prattville Character Award Luncheon. This highly anticipated event allows the local community to come together and celebrate being one of only three “Communities of Character” in Alabama. Awards were presented to individuals, businesses, and organizations that are role models in our community. They have consistently demonstrated good character values while making a difference in the Prattville-Autauga area.

Coach Holt was nominated based on the following character traits: loyalty, availability, and thoroughness. He embodies the very definition of loyalty – to his family, coworkers, and students. He is one of the students’ favorite teachers and not because his classes are easy, but because he believes in each student and their ability to succeed regardless of learning challenges. While math isn’t an easy subject for most students, Coach Holt makes lessons come alive with relevancy and real-world scenarios. He regularly works with students outside of the classroom to ensure they understand the materials. He desires for all students to learn the materials and how it applies to life rather than just teaching for a test grade. In addition to helping current students, Coach Holt tutors many PCA graduates when they need a little extra help with college math courses. He is committed to his students – past and present.

In addition to loving his students well, Coach Holt always find time to take care of his co-workers. His schedule, like many others, is hectic and ever-changing but he is always available to lend a helping hand. He never hesitates to help fellow teachers or students when called upon – day, night, or weekend. He is one of those rare individuals that notices the small stuff that many pass by in the rush of everyday life. He lives in the details – those little things that make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Coach Holt has been an integral piece of the PCA’s high school math department since arriving on campus in 2012. He currently teaches Geometry. In addition to teaching, he sponsors the Key Club, tutors in PCA’s Resource Center, coaches wrestling, and assist with the soccer program. Coach Holt is devoted to PCA because he enjoys the opportunity to teach in an environment that encourages children to grow both academically and spiritually.

Well deserved, Coach Holt.

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